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Temporary workers needed – administrators and PA/EAs and two Physics Study Assistants/Scribes

The Temporary Employment Service (TES) of the University assists departments with their temporary work requirements and has a range of temporary opportunities available in many different areas. TES is currently looking for experienced administrators and Executive/Personal Assistants. For further details of the candidates we are looking for, the opportunities we can offer and how to apply, please see our application page.

Additionally, we currently have two temporary assignment opportunities for Physics Study Assistants/Scribes, further details can be found on the Disability Resource Centre website.

Current Assistant staff jobs at the University of Cambridge.

Title Salary Reference Closes
Administration Assistant (Maternity Cover / Temporary Cover)
Department of Public Health and Primary Care
£19,305-£22,214 RH14288 4 January 2018
Administrative Assistant - Part Time (25 hours per week)
Department of Chemical Engineering and Biotechnology
£22,214-£25,728 NQ14324 7 January 2018
Administrator/Secretary (Part Time, Fixed Term)
Department of Psychiatry
£22,214-£25,728 pro rata RN14266 3 January 2018
Assistant to the Systematics Section Supervisor[Temporary Cover] (Part Time Maternity Cover)
Botanic Garden
£22,214-£25,728 pro rata PE14260 7 January 2018
Chief Animal Technician[Temporary Cover] (Secondment)
South Cambridge
£25,728-£29,799 AQ14271 5 January 2018
Chief Clerk - Godwin Laboratory (Part Time)
Department of Earth Sciences
£25,728-£29,799 pro rata LB14247 2 January 2018
Chief Research Laboratory Technician (Fixed Term)
£25,728-£29,799 RR14251 19 December 2017
Communications Assistant
Office of External Affairs and Communications, Cambridge
£22,214-£25,728 AR14204 5 January 2018
Critical Services Engineer
University Information Services
£28,098-£33,518 VC14264 5 January 2018
Executive Assistant (Fixed Term)
Department of Public Health and Primary Care
£28,098-£33,518 RH14295 7 January 2018
HR Administrative Assistant (Fixed Term)
Department of Clinical Neurosciences
£22,214-£25,728 ZE13600 2 January 2018
Hub General Administrators x 2
Department of Physics
£19,305-£22,214 KA14123 7 January 2018
Human Anatomy Bequeathal and Teaching Secretary
Department of Physiology, Development and Neuroscience, Central Cambridge
£22,214-£25,728 PM14274 10 January 2018
MBA Marketing and Events Coordinator (Maternity leave cover)
Judge Business School, Central Cambridge
£28,098-£33,518 NS14163 20 December 2017
Museum Shop Assistant (Part Time, Temporary Cover)
Department of Earth Sciences
£16,983-£19,305 pro rata LB14254 2 January 2018
NIHR BioResource Study Coordinator (Fixed Term)
Department of Public Health and Primary Care, NIHR BioResource Research Group
£25,728-£29,799 RW14197 1 January 2018
Office Assistant (Education Reform and Innovation Team)
Faculty of Education
£19,305-£22,214 JR14179 10 January 2018
Procurement Administrator
Finance Division
£22,214-£25,728 AG14059 2 January 2018
Project Co-ordinator in Prostate Cancer Innovation (Fixed Term)
Department of Surgery
£28,098-£33,518 RE13879 12 January 2018
Project Coordinator (Part Time, Fixed Term)
Faculty of Music, Central Cambridge
£25,728-£29,799 pro rata GT14162 7 January 2018
Property Services Administrator
Cancer Research UK Cambridge Institute
£22,214-£25,728 SW14151 17 December 2017
Radiopharmacy Technologist (Fixed Term)
Department of Radiology
£25,728-£29,799 RQ14069 17 December 2017
Research Administrator (Part Time, Fixed Term)
Institute of Criminology
£25,728-£29,799 pro rata JL14099 2 January 2018
Research Co-ordinator, Wellcome Trust-MRC Institute of Metabolic Science (Full time/Part-time; Fixed Term)
Department of Clinical Biochemistry
£28,098-£33,518 RG14305 5 January 2018
Research Group Administrator (Part Time, Fixed Term)
Department of Zoology
£22,214-£25,728 pro rata PF14073 17 December 2017
Research Laboratory Co-ordinator (Fixed Term)
C.I.M.R. Division of Translational Medicine
£28,098-£33,518 SA14047 17 December 2017
Research Laboratory Technician
Department of Physics
£28,098-£33,518 KA14130 31 December 2017
Research Laboratory Technician (Part Time, Fixed Term)
Department of Haematology
£19,305-£22,214 pro rata RB14209 17 December 2017
Research Project Administrator (Fixed Term)
Centre for Research in Arts, Social Sciences and Humanities
£25,728-£29,799 VM14328 11 January 2018
Research Study Assistant (Fixed Term)
MRC Epidemiology Unit
£22,214-£25,728 SJ14332 2 January 2018
Research Study Assistant (Part Time, Fixed Term)
MRC Epidemiology Unit
£22,214-£25,728 pro rata SJ14208 2 January 2018
School IT Technicians x 2
Office of the School of Arts and Humanities, Central Cambridge
£22,214-£25,728 GA14016 7 January 2018
Senior Research Laboratory Technician (Part Time, Fixed Term)
Department of Plant Sciences
£22,214-£25,728 pro rata PD14307 10 January 2018
Social Anthropology Administrator (Maternity Cover)
Department of Social Anthropology
£25,728-£29,799 JF14076 17 December 2017
Stores/Purchasing Assistant
Department of Physiology, Development and Neuroscience, Central Cambridge
£19,305-£22,214 PM14221 14 January 2018
Student Registry Administrator (Fixed Term)
Academic Division
£22,214-£25,728 AK14245 19 January 2018
Tea Room Assistant/Cleaner
Department of Zoology
£16,983-£19,305 PF14277 21 December 2017
Teaching/General Laboratory Technician [Temporary Cover] (Secondment)
Department of Chemistry
£19,305-£22,214 MA14343 1 January 2018
Trainee Horticultural Technician
Botanic Garden
£16,654 PE14292 4 March 2018
Undergraduate Office Manager
Department of Applied Mathematics and Theoretical Physics
£28,098-£33,518 LE14120 7 January 2018
Veterinary Nurse - Small Animal Wing/Theatres (Fixed Term)
Department of Veterinary Medicine
£22,214-£25,728 PP12885 21 January 2018
Warehouse Supervisor x2 (Fixed Term)
University Library
£25,728-£29,799 VE14224 18 December 2017