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Temporary Personal Assistants needed

The Temporary Employment Service (TES) retains a pool of temporary workers to help fill short term temporary assignments. We are currently looking for individuals with extensive PA experience. If you are interested please complete the online application to register with TES and we will be in touch shortly.

Current Assistant staff jobs at the University of Cambridge.

Title Salary Reference Closes
Accounts Clerk
£18,549-£21,391 SZ07224 22 October 2015
Administration Team Leader, Maternity Cover
Human Resources Division
£27,057-£32,277 AH07176 11 October 2015
Alumni and Supporter Relations, Events Organiser (Fixed Term or Secondment Opportunity)
University of Cambridge Development and Alumni Relations
£27,057-£32,277 DH07136 20 October 2015
Amgen European Programme Manager
Office of the School of the Biological Sciences, Central Cambridge
£27,057-£32,277 PA07134 16 October 2015
BBSRC Doctoral Training Partnership Programme Co-ordinator (Fixed Term)
Department of Plant Sciences
£27,057-£32,277 PD07279 23 October 2015
Biomedical Technician (Fixed Term)
South Cambridge
£18,549-£21,391 RG07229 23 October 2015
Building Services Supervisor
University Library
£27,057-£32,277 VE07038 11 October 2015
Chief Biomedical Technician (Fixed Term)
South Cambridge
£24,775-£28,695 RG07235 23 October 2015
Chief Clerk (Purchasing Supervisor)
Department of Physics
£27,057-£32,277 KA05671 16 October 2015
Chief Research Laboratory Technician
Department of Biochemistry, Central Cambridge
£24,775-£28,695 PH07237 31 October 2015
Cleaner (Part Time) Saturdays
University Sports Service, West Cambridge
£14,959-£15,765 pro rata DG07160 14 October 2015
Conference and Events Manager
Centre for Research in Arts, Social Sciences and Humanities
£24,775-£28,695 VM07096 15 October 2015
Correspondence and Accounts Secretary - Vice-Chancellor's Office
Vice-Chancellor's Office
£24,775-£28,695 AE07294 11 November 2015
Dairy Craft Worker
Estate Management
£18,549-£21,391 BA07218 15 October 2015
Digital Communications Assistant (Fixed Term)
Fitzwilliam Museum
£21,391-£24,775 DA07069 11 October 2015
Executive Assistant to Head of Department
Department of Public Health and Primary Care
£27,057-£32,277 RH07074 13 October 2015
Graduate Administrator (Part Time)
Department of Psychology, Central Cambridge
£24,775-£28,695 pro rata PJ07206 21 October 2015
Graduate Secretary (MPhil in Public Policy)
Department of Politics and International Studies
£24,775-£28,695 UE07252 25 October 2015
International Student Administrator [Temporary Cover]
Academic Division
£24,775-£28,695 AK07264 19 October 2015
Laboratory Technician (Fixed Term)
Sainsbury Laboratory
£24,775-£28,695 PT07287 25 October 2015
Laboratory and Facilities Assistant
Department of Medicine
£16,131-£18,549 RC07278 29 October 2015
MBA Marketing and Communications Co-ordinator
Judge Business School, Central Cambridge
£27,057 - £32,277 NS07232 19 October 2015
Online Communications Assistant
Judge Business School, Central Cambridge
£24,775-£28,695 NS07185 25 October 2015
Personal Assistant to Director
University of Cambridge Institute for Sustainability Leadership
£24,775-£28,695 EN07126 13 October 2015
Purchasing Clerk
Estate Management
£16,131-£18,549 BA06893 19 October 2015
QC Chemist
Wolfson Brain Imaging Centre
£28,695-£37,394 SR06873 21 October 2015
RCVS Listed and Qualified Veterinary Nurse - Theatres (Fixed Term)
Department of Veterinary Medicine
£21,391-£24,775 PP07219 18 October 2015
Reprographics Technician
Estate Management
£18,549-£21,391 BA07253 19 October 2015
Research Laboratory Technician (Fixed Term)
Department of Physiology, Development and Neuroscience
£18,549-£21,391 PM07004 11 October 2015
Senior Accounts Clerk
Department of Medicine
£21,391-£24,775 RC07164 25 October 2015
Senior Accounts Clerk (Part Time)
Faculty of History
£21,391-£24,775 pro rata JJ06961 29 October 2015
Senior Catering Assistant
Estate Management
£16,131-£18,549 DN05917 22 October 2015
Senior Instrumentation Technician
Department of Chemical Engineering and Biotechnology
£24,775-£28,695 NQ06276 11 October 2015
Senior Research Laboratory Technician
Department of Pathology
£21,391-£24,775 PK07167 28 October 2015
Senior Research Laboratory Technician
Department of Chemistry
£21,391-£24,775 MA07186 11 October 2015
Senior Research Technician (Part Time)
Department of Psychology, Central Cambridge
£27,057-£32,277 pro rata PJ07285 1 November 2015
Senior Secretary
Department of Medicine
£21,391-£24,775 RC07313 8 November 2015
Senior Secretary (Part Time) Internal applicants only
Faculty of Modern and Medieval Languages
£24,775-£28,695 pro rata GP07169 16 October 2015
Team Administrator (Temporary Cover) Fixed Term
Department of Paediatrics
£21,391-£24,775 RP07239 18 October 2015