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Temporary Personal Assistants needed

The Temporary Employment Service (TES) retains a pool of temporary workers to help fill short term temporary assignments. We are currently looking for individuals with extensive PA experience. If you are interested please complete the online application to register with TES and we will be in touch shortly.

Current Assistant staff jobs at the University of Cambridge.

Title Salary Reference Closes
Accounts Clerk
Department of Pharmacology, Central Cambridge
£18,940-£21,843 PL10862 16 December 2016
Accounts Clerk [Temporary Cover] (Maternity Cover)
Department of Biochemistry, Central Cambridge
£18,940-£21,843 PH10884 15 December 2016
Administrative Assistant (Fixed Term)
Department of Politics and International Studies
£18,940-£21,843 UE10908 19 December 2016
Administrative Assistant (Part Time)
Museum of Archaeology and Anthropology
£21,843-£25,298 pro rata JU10822 4 January 2017
Animal Technician (Surgery)
South Cambridge
£18,940-£21,843 AQ10929 27 December 2016
Assistant to the Experimental Section Supervisor
Botanic Garden
£21,843-£25,298 PE10903 8 January 2017
Assistant to the Systematics Section Supervisor (Part Time)
Botanic Garden
£21,843-£25,298 pro rata PE10905 8 January 2017
Biomedical Technician (Part Time, Fixed Term)
Department of Medicine
£25,298-£29,301 pro rata RC10747 11 December 2016
Catalogue Data Assistant - Insects (Fixed Term)
Department of Zoology
£21,843-£25,298 PF10836 12 December 2016
Category Support Co-ordinator
Estate Management
£25,298-£29,301 BA10721 2 January 2017
Clinical Research Administrator (Fixed Term)
Department of Radiology
£25,298-£29,301 RQ10947 15 January 2017
Clinical Trials Administrative Assistant (Fixed Term)
Department of Oncology
£18,940-£21,843 RD10896 15 January 2017
Collections Assistant (Mineralogy and Petrology)
Department of Earth Sciences
£25,298-£29,301 LB10147 7 January 2017
Cyber Security Event Administrator (Part Time, Fixed Term)
Computer Laboratory, West Cambridge
£25,298-£29,301 pro rata NR10835 9 December 2016
Departmental Administrator
Hamilton Kerr Institute
£27,629-£32,958 DB10818 27 December 2016
Events Assistant
Sainsbury Laboratory
£21,843-£25,298 PT10849 11 December 2016
HR Operations Administrator (Recruitment)
Office of the School of Clinical Medicine
£21,843-£25,298 RA10785 18 December 2016
Insurance Assistant
Finance Division
£25,298-£29,301 AG10731 9 December 2016
Media Technician
Wellcome Trust/Cancer Research UK Gurdon Institute
£18,940-£21,843 PR10827 2 January 2017
Open Access Research Assistant - Finance
University Library
£25,298-£29,301 VE10832 23 December 2016
PA to Director and Administrators of the Cambridge Graphene Centre
Department of Engineering
£21,843-£25,298 NM10771 21 December 2016
Receptionist / Administrative Support
North West Cambridge Development
£18,940-£21,843 DR10850 4 January 2017
Recreation Assistant (Part Time)
University Sports Service
£15,632-£16,289 pro rata DG10881 20 December 2016
Research Laboratory Technician (Drosophila Neurobiology) (Part Time, Fixed Term)
Department of Genetics
£21,843-£25,298 pro rata PC10917 30 December 2016
Secretary (Part Time)
Institute of Criminology, Sidgwick Avenue, Central Cambridge
£18,940-£21,843 pro rata JL10699 11 December 2016
Senior Accounts Clerk
Department of Clinical Neurosciences
£21,843-£25,298 ZE10854 21 December 2016
Senior Chief Building Services Technician
Wellcome Trust - Medical Research Council Cambridge Stem Cell Institute
£27,629-£32,958 PS10868 2 January 2017
Senior Housing Clerk (Part Time)
Estate Management
£25,298-£29,301 pro rata DE10847 12 December 2016
Senior Receptionist / Clerk (Part Time)
Registrary's Office, The Old Schools Building, Trinity Lane, Cambridge
£18,940-£21,843 pro rata AJ10740 14 December 2016
Senior Secretary (Part-Time, Fixed Term)
Department of Materials Science and Metallurgy, West Cambridge
£21,843-£25,298 LJ10893 30 December 2016
Senior Secretary/Administrator (maternity cover) - part-time
Institute of Public Health
£21,843-£25,298 (pro rata) SY10900 2 January 2017
Study Co-ordinator (Fixed Term)
Department of Psychiatry
£27,629-£32,958 RN10848 11 December 2016
Temporary Office Administrator (Part Time, Fixed Term)
Department of Physiology, Development and Neuroscience
£21,843-£25,298 pro rata PM10916 18 December 2016
Trainee Horticultural Technician
Botanic Garden
£15,632-£16,289 PE10906 26 February 2017