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Temporary Personal Assistants needed

The Temporary Employment Service (TES) retains a pool of temporary workers to help fill short term temporary assignments. We are currently looking for individuals with extensive PA experience. If you are interested please complete the online application to register with TES and we will be in touch shortly.

Current Assistant staff jobs at the University of Cambridge.

Title Salary Reference Closes
Administrative Assistant, Wellcome Trust-MRC Institute of Metabolic Science (Part Time, Fixed Term)
Department of Clinical Biochemistry
£18,734-£21,605 pro rata RG09005 11 May 2016
CRERC and MSt Administrator (Fixed Term)
Department of Land Economy
£25,023-£28,982 JP08884 27 May 2016
Cambridge Cancer Centre Blood Processing Laboratory Technician (Fixed Term)
Department of Oncology
£27,328-£32,600 RD08959 23 May 2016
Chief Clerk (Research Grants Administrator)
Department of Physics, Cavendish Laboratory
£27,328-£32,600 KA09027 31 May 2016
Chief Research Lab Technician
Department of Materials Science and Metallurgy, West Cambridge
£25,023-£28,982 LJ08802 31 May 2016
Chief Security Patroller (Security Supervisor)
Estate Management
£21,605-£25,023 AO09043 17 May 2016
Clinical Trials Administrative Assistant (Fixed Term)
Department of Oncology
£18,734-£21,605 RD08950 22 May 2016
Custodian with special responsibility for the bar
Faculty of Music, Central Cambridge
£18,734-£21,605 GT08800 16 May 2016
Flow Cytometry Senior Assistant
C.I.M.R. Administration
£27,328-£32,600 SA09011 22 May 2016
Information Coordinator (Part Time) (Fixed Term)
Computer Laboratory, West Cambridge
£27,328-£32,600 NR08986 22 May 2016
Junior Animal Technician
Central Cambridge
£16,357-£18,734 AQ08978 19 May 2016
Junior Library Assistant
University Library
£16,357-£18,734 VE09045 23 May 2016
Library Assistant [Temporary Cover]
University Library
£18,734-£21,605 VE09033 13 May 2016
Library Invigilator (Part Time)
Medical Library
£12.08 per hour VF09044 19 May 2016
Mathematics Graduate Office Administrator (Maternity Cover / Secondment Opportunity)
Department of Pure Mathematics and Mathematical Statistics
£28,982-£37,768 LF08975 15 May 2016
PA - Group Administrator (Fixed Term)
John van Geest Centre for Brain Repair
£21,605-£25,023 XB08991 8 May 2016
PA and Group Administrator (Photonics and Sensors Group)
Department of Engineering
£21,605-£25,023 NM09019 12 May 2016
Personal Assistant/Group Administrator (Part Time)
Division of Neurology
£21,605-£25,023 RR09003 18 May 2016
Principal Technician
Department of Plant Sciences
£28,982-£37,768 PD08799 9 May 2016
RCVS Listed and Qualified Veterinary Nurse
Department of Veterinary Medicine
£21,605-£25,023 PP08514 5 June 2016
Reception Supervisor
Finance Division
£25,023-£28,982 AG09016 20 May 2016
Department of Psychology, Central Cambridge
£16,357-£18,734 PJ09017 15 May 2016
Receptionist (10 hours per week)
Department of History and Philosophy of Science
£16,357-£18,734 pro rata JN09002 17 May 2016
Receptionist (Fixed Term)
University of Cambridge Development and Alumni Relations
£16,357-£18,734 DH08905 5 May 2016
Recruitment Services Administrator
Human Resources Division
£21,605-£25,023 AH09025 13 May 2016
Research Grants Administrator
Faculty of Human, Social, and Political Science
£21,605-£25,023 JZ09058 27 May 2016
Research Grants Administrator
Department of Public Health and Primary Care
£21,605-£25,023 RH08696 30 May 2016
Research Laboratory Technician (Fixed Term)
Department of Physiology, Development and Neuroscience
£16,357-£18,734 PM09059 19 May 2016
Scientific Research Administrator
Department of Public Health and Primary Care
£27,328-£32,600 RH08843 9 May 2016
Department of Genetics
£18,734-£21,605 PC08915 13 May 2016
Senior Accounts Clerk
Department of Clinical Neurosciences, Clinical Neurosciences
£21,605-£25,023 ZE09028 27 May 2016
Senior Accounts Clerk (Pensions Administration Section)
Pensions Section
£21,605-£25,023 AM08893 13 May 2016
Senior Animal Technician
Central Cambridge
£21,605-£25,023 AQ08635 22 May 2016
Senior Building Services Technician
Department of Zoology
£21,605-£25,023 PF08952 6 May 2016
Senior Executive Assistant
Vice-Chancellor's Office
£28,982-£37,768 AE09021 12 May 2016
Senior Laboratory Technician (Fixed Term)
Department of Paediatrics
£25,023-£28,982 RP08827 12 May 2016
Senior Research Technician (Fixed Term)
Department of Physiology, Development and Neuroscience
£21,605-£25,023 PM08960 15 May 2016
Senior Teaching - General Lab Technician (Fixed Term)
Department of Chemical Engineering and Biotechnology
£25,023-£28,982 NQ08874 16 May 2016
Service Technician
Central Cambridge
£16,357-£18,734 AQ08992 19 May 2016
Stores Technician (Fixed Term)
Sainsbury Laboratory
£18,734-£21,605 PT09014 15 May 2016
Undergraduate Administrator
Department of Archaeology and Anthropology
£21,605-£25,023 JB08835 11 May 2016