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Temporary Personal Assistants needed

The Temporary Employment Service (TES) retains a pool of temporary workers to help fill short term temporary assignments. We are currently looking for individuals with extensive PA experience. If you are interested please complete the online application to register with TES and we will be in touch shortly.

Current Assistant staff jobs at the University of Cambridge.

Title Salary Reference Closes
Administration Co-ordinator & Head of Department's PA
Department of Pathology
£27,328-£32,600 PK10185 6 October 2016
Administrator (Part Time, Fixed Term)
Centre for Family Research
£21,605-£25,023 pro rata XJ10227 31 October 2016
Assistant to the Head of Department
Department of Genetics
£25,023-£28,982 PC09971 23 October 2016
Building Service Technician/Custodian (Fixed Term)
Office of the School of Clinical Medicine
£16,357-£18,734 RA10243 9 October 2016
Building Services Technician
Fitzwilliam Museum
£18,734-£21,605 DA10223 23 October 2016
CDT Administrator (Part Time, Fixed Term)
Department of Earth Sciences
£25,023-£28,982 pro rata LB10146 8 October 2016
CIPIL Administrator (Part Time)
Faculty of Law
£21,605-£25,023 pro rata JK10140 1 October 2016
Cafe Manager
Estate Management
£21,605-£25,023 DN10245 10 October 2016
Canteen Assistant (Part Time)
Department of Pathology
£15,632-£16,017 pro rata PK10192 9 October 2016
Cleaner (Part Time)
North Cambridge
£15,258-£16,017 pro rata AQ09617 16 October 2016
Control Room Operator
Estate Management
£16,357-£18,734 AO09675 12 October 2016
Divisional Administrative Assistant (Internal Applicants only)
University Information Services
£21,605-£25,023 VC10208 7 October 2016
Documentation Assistant
Fitzwilliam Museum
£21,605-£25,023 DA10126 16 October 2016
Domestic Assistant (Part Time)
Department of Pathology
£15,632-£16,017 pro rata PK10196 16 October 2016
Domestic Assistants (Part Time)
Department of Pathology
£15,632-£16,017 pro rata PK10083 16 October 2016
Facilities Administrator (Part Time)
Department of Pathology
£21,605-£25,023 pro rata PK09925 5 October 2016
Finance Coordinator (Fixed Term)
Department of Haematology
£27,328-£32,600 RB10062 5 October 2016
Finance Trainer (or trainee)
Finance Division
£27,328-£32,600 AG10288 24 October 2016
Food and Beverage Assistant (Bar)
Institute of Continuing Education, Madingley Hall, Madingley,Cambridge
£16,357-£18,734 EA10236 9 October 2016
Glasswasher (Part Time)
Department of Chemical Engineering and Biotechnology
£16,357-£18,734 pro rata NQ09900 14 October 2016
Graduate Administrator
Department of Archaeology and Anthropology
£21,605-£25,023 JB10229 6 October 2016
HR Operations Administrator (Recruitment)
Office of the School of Clinical Medicine
£21,605-£25,023 RA10177 2 October 2016
Human Resources Administrator (Maternity Cover or Secondment)
Department of Biochemistry, Central Cambridge
£21,605-£25,023 PH10191 9 October 2016
Institution Support IT Technician (Fixed Term)
University Information Services
£21,605-£25,023 VC10190 10 October 2016
Laboratory Technician (Fixed Term)
Sainsbury Laboratory
£21,605-£25,023 PT10189 2 October 2016
Laboratory and Field Equipment Services Technician (Fixed Term)
Department of Geography
£21,605-£25,023 LC09427 5 October 2016
Library Assistant
University Library
£18,734-£21,605 VE10285 14 October 2016
LoHCool (Low carbon climate-responsive Heating and Cooling of Cities) Project Administrator (Part-time, Fixed Term)
Faculty of Architecture and History of Art, Department of Architecture
£25,023-£28,982 pro rata GB10099 10 October 2016
Estate Management
£16,357-£18,734 DN10186 3 October 2016
Office Support Administrator (Part Time)
Office of the School of the Physical Sciences
£18,734-£21,605 pro rata LA10209 9 October 2016
PPD Administrator, Full Time
Human Resources Division
£21,605-£25,023 AH10163 9 October 2016
PluriMes Temporary Administrative Assistant (Part Time, Fixed Term)
Wellcome Trust - Medical Research Council Cambridge Stem Cell Institute
£25,023-£28,982 pro rata PS10282 13 October 2016
Procurement Systems Adviser (Fixed Term, Secondment Opportunity)
Finance Division
£25,023-£28,982 AG10139 14 October 2016
Prospect Analyst (Fixed Term)
University of Cambridge Development and Alumni Relations
£27,328-£32,600 DH09836 13 October 2016
Research Administrator (Part Time)
Cancer Research UK Cambridge Institute
£25,023-£28,982 pro rata SW10274 17 October 2016
Research Grants Administrator
Department of Public Health and Primary Care
£21,605-£25,023 RH10279 30 October 2016
Research Group Administrator (Structures and Sustainable Development)
Department of Engineering
£25,023-£28,982 NM10239 10 October 2016
Senior Buildings Technician
Fitzwilliam Museum
£21,605-£25,023 DA10047 9 October 2016
Senior Library Assistant (Near and Middle Eastern) (Fixed Term, Part Time)
University Library
£21,605-£25,023 pro rata VE10268 14 October 2016
Senior MBA Project Coordinator
Judge Business School, Central Cambridge
£27,328-£32,600 NS10287 20 October 2016
Senior Research Grants and Finance Administrator (Fixed Term)
Computer Laboratory, West Cambridge
£27,328-£32,600 NR10041 30 October 2016
Senior Research Laboratory Technician (Fixed Term)
Department of Zoology
£21,605-£25,023 PF10105 9 October 2016
Senior Secretary (Fixed Term)
Department of Haematology
£21,605-£25,023 RB10115 9 October 2016
Senior Technician (Mechanics and Materials Laboratories)
Department of Engineering
£21,605-£25,023 NM10265 17 October 2016
Student Recruitment Assistant (International) (Fixed Term)
Cambridge Admissions Office
£21,605-£25,023 AT10168 3 October 2016
Study Coordination Assistant (Fixed Term)
MRC Epidemiology Unit
£21,605-£25,023 SJ10225 6 October 2016
Veterinary Radiographer
Department of Veterinary Medicine
£25,023-£28,982 PP10089 16 October 2016
Veterinary Radiographer (Fixed Term)
Department of Veterinary Medicine
£25,023-£28,982 PP10090 16 October 2016
Virtual Learning Environment Engagement Lead (Fixed Term)
Judge Business School, Central Cambridge
£27,328-£32,600 NS10281 13 October 2016