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Current Studentships at the University of Cambridge.

Title Salary Reference Closes
EPSRC CASE Studentship in the Pico Project (Fixed Term)
Computer Laboratory, West Cambridge
NR04264 1 October 2014
EPSRC ICASE Studentship (Fixed Term)
Computer Laboratory, West Cambridge
NR04204 1 October 2014
EPSRC Industrial Case Studentship in Research Architecture Driven Development Processes of Egineering Systems
Department of Engineering
NM03695 30 September 2014
PhD Studentship in Control of Cyclone Flow Instabilities for Increased Efficiency, Reduced Pressue Loss and Lower Noise
Department of Engineering
NM04298 25 September 2014
PhD Studentship in Data mining to support automotive simulation driven design
Department of Engineering
NM04274 30 September 2014
PhD Studentship in Lightweight intelligent tooling for car body manufacture
Department of Engineering
NM04320 5 January 2015
PhD Studentship in Rethinking car body manufacturing to minimise scrap
Department of Engineering
NM04319 30 September 2014
PhD Studentship in Small Modular Reactor Supply Chain Economics
Department of Engineering
NM03995 30 September 2014
PhD Studentship: Understanding the aqueous durability of simplified and complex UK nuclear waste glasses (Fixed Term)
Department of Earth Sciences
LB03842 30 September 2014
PhD Studentships in Innovation, Economics and Strategy
Department of Engineering
NM03932 30 September 2014
Three-year AHRC-funded PhD Studentship in Medieval German Language or Literature
Department of German and Dutch
GL03811 19 September 2014