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Academic-related jobs

Current Academic-related jobs at the University of Cambridge.

Title Salary Reference Closes
Assistant Educational Outreach Officer (Fixed Term)
Department of Physics
£26,527-£30,728 KA03786 29 July 2014
Capital Project Liaison Officer - Project Bellatrix (Fixed Term)
Office of the School of Clinical Medicine
£50,688-£53,765 RA03685 1 August 2014
Contracts Manager
Estate Management
£33,562-£45,053 BA03776 25 July 2014
Coordination Officer
Wellcome Trust - Medical Research Council Cambridge Stem Cell Institute
£28,132-£36,661 PS03564 22 July 2014
Counsellor (Part Time)
Human Resources Division
£28,132-£36,661 pro rata AH03640 20 August 2014
Database Manager (Fixed-term: 2 years)
University of Cambridge Development and Alumni Relations
£33,562-£45,053 DH03817 29 July 2014
Division C IT Manager (Fixed Term)
Department of Engineering, Central Cambridge
£28,132-£36,661 NM03532 20 August 2014
Equine Ambulatory Veterinarian (Maternity Cover)
Department of Veterinary Medicine
£37,756-£47,787 PP03827 31 July 2014
Gaia Alerts Software Developer (Fixed Term)
Institute of Astronomy
£28,132-£36,661 LG03843 18 August 2014
ICE Teaching Officer, Physical Sciences (Part Time)
Institute of Continuing Education, Madingley, Cambridge
£33,562-£45,053 pro rata EA03863 20 August 2014
Innovation and Enterprise Project Officer (Fixed Term)
Department of Plant Sciences
£33,562-£45,053 PD03756 8 August 2014
Language Teacher (Chinese) (Part Time, Fixed Term)
Department of Engineering, Central Cambridge
£26,527-£30,728 pro rata NM03789 19 August 2014
Project Manager - SKA Science Data Processor Project (Fixed Term)
Department of Physics
£37,756-£47,787 KA03650 31 July 2014
Public Engagement Officer (Fixed Term)
Wellcome Trust - Medical Research Council Cambridge Stem Cell Institute
£28,132-£36,661 PS03788 10 August 2014
Radiation Technologist
Department of Veterinary Medicine
£28,132-£36,661 PP02664 22 July 2014
Research Strategy Manager (Assessment, Impact & Business Relations)
Academic Division
£50,688-£53,765 AK03779 28 July 2014
Schools Liaison Officer
Cambridge Admissions Office, Cambridge Admissions Office
£24,289-£27,318 AT03803 31 July 2014
Scientific Editor (Fixed Term)
MRC Epidemiology Unit
£28,132-£36,661 SJ03844 3 August 2014
Senior Category Manager
Finance Division
£33,562-£45,053 AG03812 1 August 2014
Senior Computer Officer
Department of Chemical Engineering and Biotechnology
£37,756-£47,787 NQ03419 13 August 2014
Senior Critical Services Engineer
University Information Services, West Cambridge Data Centre
£28,132-£36,661 VC03399 25 July 2014
Senior Teaching Associate in Structural Design & Architecture (Part Time, Fixed Term)
Faculty of Architecture and History of Art
£37,756-£47,787 pro rata GB03723 24 July 2014
Teaching Associate in Spanish Golden Age and Colonial Studies (Fixed Term 1 year)
Department of Spanish and Portuguese
£28,132-£36,661 GS03822 19 September 2014
Teaching Associate x 2 (Part Time, Fixed Term)
Department of Land Economy
£28,132-£36,661 pro rata JP03754 11 August 2014
Trial Manager - Vertebral Artery Ischaemic Stenting Trial (VIST) (Fixed Term)
University Neurology Unit
£28,132-£36,661 RR01570 3 August 2014
Uro-Oncology Data Manager (Part Time)
Department of Oncology
£26,527-£30,728 pro rata RD03874 22 August 2014