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Current Studentships at the University of Cambridge.

Title Salary Reference Closes
BBSRC DTP Targeted Studentships x 2 (Fixed Term)
Department of Pathology
PK13759 11 February 2018
CRUK Studentship: The Life and Evolution of Planetary Nebulae: segmentation and analysis applied to astronomical and oncological image data (Walton)
Institute of Astronomy/CRUK - Cambridge Institute
SW13860 31 January 2018
EPSRC DTP Studentship in Bio Packaging
Department of Engineering
NM14289 16 February 2018
EPSRC Doctoral Training Programme PhD Studentship
Department of Engineering
NM14280 30 April 2018
EPSRC PhD Studentship - Faster than you'd like: how flames accelerate
Department of Engineering
NM14284 31 March 2018
EPSRC Studentship Stem cell-based neuroprosthetic device for spinal cord injury
Department of Engineering
NM14436 30 April 2018
Junior Clinical Training Scholar Small Animals x 4
Department of Veterinary Medicine
PP14353 21 January 2018
Junior Clinical Training Scholarship Equine
Department of Veterinary Medicine
PP14337 21 January 2018
MRes + PhD studentships at the EPSRC CDT in Future Infrastructure and Built Environment
Department of Engineering
NM14510 30 June 2018
PhD Studentship (Fixed Term)
Department of Pathology
PK14513 25 February 2018
PhD Studentship in Emerging Photovoltaics: Taking Tunable Metal Halide Perovskites to Their Limits
Department of Physics
KA14394 31 January 2018
PhD Studentship in MEMS inertial sensors
Department of Engineering
NM14215 1 June 2018
PhD Studentship in Photonic switching (Microsoft optical technologies for the cloud)
Department of Engineering
NM14509 30 June 2018
PhD Studentship in Printable gas sensors using functional 2D materials
Department of Engineering
NM14597 15 May 2018
PhD Studentship in Supported Decision-Making 2018
Department of Psychiatry
RN14462 7 March 2018
PhD Studentship in Tailored Reinforced Concrete Infrastructure
Department of Engineering
NM14455 23 February 2018
PhD Studentship in the development of new computer architectures for low-power sensor-driven systems
Department of Engineering
NM14450 28 February 2018
PhD Studentship: Developmental basis of mushroom body expansion in Heliconius butterflies
Department of Zoology
PF14449 29 April 2018
PhD in Photonic networking (Microsoft optical technologies for the cloud)
Department of Engineering
NM14508 29 June 2018
PhD position in Ultra-rapid Spin-state Interconversion: a new direction for Organic LEDs
Department of Physics
KA14448 9 February 2018
PhD studentship in Anisotropic nanostructured materials based on graphene and 2D materials for flexible and wearable electronics
Department of Engineering
NM14451 28 February 2018
PhD studentships in the EPSRC Centre for Doctoral Training in Graphene Technology
Department of Engineering
NM14438 30 June 2018
Prestressed fabric-formed concrete structures (Fixed Term)
Department of Engineering
NM14279 27 April 2018
Raymond & Beverly Sackler Scholarships for PhD candidates
Department of Physics
KA14166 23 February 2018
Understanding structure-function relationships of super-omniphobic nano particles using magnetic resonance techniques
Department of Chemical Engineering and Biotechnology
NQ14285 2 March 2018