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Current Professorships/Directorships at the University of Cambridge.

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Title Salary Reference Closes
Professor of Nursing
Department of Public Health and Primary Care
RH34367 3 February 2023
Professorship of Education (2008)
Faculty of Education
JR34517 31 January 2023
Professorship of Epidemiology of Ageing
Department of Public Health and Primary Care
RH34571 3 February 2023
Sheila Joan Smith Professorship of Immunology
Department of Medicine
RA35003 16 February 2023
Tata Steel Professorship of Metallurgy
Department of Materials Science and Metallurgy
LJ35052 20 April 2023
The Unilever Professorship of Molecular Sciences Informatics
Yusuf Hamied Department of Chemistry
MA33944 30 January 2023
Van Eck Professorship of Engineering
Department of Engineering
NM35102 20 February 2023