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Current Professorships/Directorships at the University of Cambridge.

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Title Salary Reference Closes
The Centre for the Study of Existential Risk (CSER)
GO31750 16 October 2022
Hatton Professorship of Climate Law
Department of Land Economy
JP32589 17 October 2022
Professorship of Land Economy
Department of Land Economy
JP32587 24 October 2022
Professorship of Mechanical Engineering (1997)
Department of Engineering
NM33289 21 November 2022
Professorship of Systems Genomics and Population Health
Department of Public Health and Primary Care, Cambridge
RH32739 27 September 2022
Van Geest Professorship and Directorship of the UK Dementia Research Institute at Cambridge
Department of Clinical Neurosciences, Cambridge
ZE32736 15 November 2022