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Current Professorships/Directorships at the University of Cambridge.

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Title Salary Reference Closes
Dean of the Cambridge Judge Business School
Judge Business School
NS41592 3 June 2024
Professorship of European Law
Faculty of Law
JK41580 12 June 2024
Professorship of Paediatrics (Honorary Consultant) / Head of Department
Department of Paediatrics
RP41541 17 June 2024
Ray Dolby Professorship of Theoretical and Experimental Physics
Department of Physics
KA41639 12 September 2024
Stephen W. Hawking Professorship of Cosmology
Department of Applied Mathematics and Theoretical Physics
LE41398 30 May 2024
William Wyse Professorship of Social Anthropology
Department of Social Anthropology
JB40850 24 May 2024