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Current Professorships/Directorships at the University of Cambridge.

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Title Salary Reference Closes
Director of the Victor Phillip Dahdaleh Heart and Lung Research Institute (HLRI)
Office of the School of Clinical Medicine
RA36786 18 June 2023
Kuwait Professorship of Number Theory and Algebra
Department of Pure Mathematics and Mathematical Statistics
LF36759 22 June 2023
Professorship of Data Science and Healthcare Improvement
Department of Public Health and Primary Care
RH36702 10 July 2023
Professorship of Nuclear Medicine
Department of Radiology
RQ36861 25 June 2023
Professorship of Radiology
Department of Radiology
RQ36860 25 June 2023
Sadleirian Professorship of Pure Mathematics
Department of Pure Mathematics and Mathematical Statistics
LF36758 19 June 2023