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Cambridge Living Wage

We operate a Cambridge Living Wage (CLW) supplement, which sets the minimum rate of pay at £10 per hour.

Current Assistant staff jobs at the University of Cambridge.

Title Salary Reference Closes
Academic Centre Administrator (2 full-time positions, Fixed Term - 1 year)
Institute of Continuing Education, Madingley, Cambridge
£23,067-£26,715 EA23282 7 July 2020
Admissions Administrator (Full-time, 1 year Fixed-term)
Institute of Continuing Education, Madingley, Cambridge
£23,067-£26,715 EA23302 14 July 2020
Animal Technician (surgery) [internal applicants only]
£20,130-£23,067 AQ23323 19 July 2020
Building Services Technician
MRC Toxicology Unit, Cambridge
£29,176-£34,804 PU23336 8 July 2020
Communications Coordinator [Part time, Fixed Term]
Department of Politics and International Studies
£26,715-£30,942 pro rata UE23315 30 July 2020
Deputy Biofacility Manager / NACWO [internal applicants only]
South Cambridge
£30,942-£40,322 AQ23292 12 July 2020
Digital Content & VLE Coordinator (Full-time, 2 year Fixed term)
Institute of Continuing Education, Madingley, Cambridge
£29,176-£34,804 EA23300 7 July 2020
Glasswash Assistant [Temporary Cover]
Office of the School of Clinical Medicine
£18,009-£20,130 RA23378 26 July 2020
Graduate Assistant (maternity cover, part-time)
Faculty of Architecture and History of Art
£20,130-£23,067 pro rata GB23130 19 July 2020
Personal Assistant to the Reader in Transfusion Medicine (Part Time, Fixed Term)
Department of Haematology, Cambridge
£23,067-£26,715 pro rata RB23234 8 July 2020
Public Engagement Coordinator
Wellcome Trust/Cancer Research UK Gurdon Institute
£29,176-£34,804 PR23335 27 August 2020
Research Project Administrator (Fixed Term)
Centre for Research in Arts, Social Sciences and Humanities, Cambridge
£26,715-£30,942 VM22961 12 July 2020
Research Study Coordinator (Fixed Term)
Department of Public Health and Primary Care, Cardiovascular Epidemiology Unit
£26,715-£30,942 RH23390 20 July 2020
Secretary (Part Time, Fixed Term)
Department of Medicine
£20,130-£23,067 pro rata RC22816 26 July 2020
Systems Support Technician [Temporary Cover] (Internal Applicants Only)
Clinical School Computing Service
£26,715-£30,942 RY23386 17 July 2020
Teaching Administrator (Fixed Term)
Department of Psychology
£26,715-£30,942 PJ23243 9 July 2020
Urological Malignancies Programme Administration and Communications Assistant (Part Time, Fixed Term)
Department of Oncology
£26,715-£30,942 pro rata RD22807 5 July 2020