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Temporary workers needed – administrators and PA/EAs

The Temporary Employment Service (TES) of the University assists departments with their temporary work requirements and has a range of temporary opportunities available in many different areas. TES is currently looking for experienced administrators and Executive/Personal Assistants. For further details of the candidates we are looking for, the opportunities we can offer and how to apply, please see our application page.

Current Assistant staff jobs at the University of Cambridge.

Title Salary Reference Closes
Accounts Assistant Helpdesk (Maternity Cover)(Secondment opportunity)
Finance Division
£25,728-£29,799 AG13943 23 January 2018
Accounts Assistant, Shared Services Processing
Finance Division
£19,305-£22,214 AG14487 24 January 2018
Administration Assistant (Temporary/Maternity Cover, Part Time)
MRC Epidemiology Unit
£16,983-£19,305 pro-rata SJ14582 31 January 2018
Administrative Assistant
Institute of Astronomy
£25,728-£29,799 LG14512 11 February 2018
Administrative Assistant [TTOi] (Part Time)
Faculty of Music, Central Cambridge
£19,305-£22,214 pro rata GT14555 11 February 2018
Amicus Coordinator
University of Cambridge Development and Alumni Relations
£22,214-£25,728 DH14494 1 February 2018
Animal Technician
Central Cambridge
£19,305-£22,214 AQ14463 31 January 2018
Assistant Groundsperson
Estate Management
£16,983-£19,305 BA13418 25 January 2018
Building Services Maintenance & Plumbing Technician
Cambridge Institute for Medical Research
£25,728-£29,799 SA12202 8 February 2018
CEU Senior Administrative Assistant (Part Time, Fixed Term)
Department of Public Health and Primary Care
£22,214-£25,728 pro rata RH13882 21 January 2018
Cambridge Cancer Centre Blood Processing Chief Laboratory Technician (Fixed Term)
Department of Oncology
£28,098-£33,518 RD14376 28 January 2018
Chief Mechanical Workshop Technician
Department of Chemistry
£25,728-£29,799 MA13758 21 January 2018
Chief Security Patroller
Estate Management - Facilities
£19,305-£22,214 BA14445 22 January 2018
Cleaner (Part Time)
Department of Psychology
£16,654 pro rata PJ14461 21 January 2018
Communications Co-ordinator (Part Time)
Lauterpacht Research Centre for International Law
£25,728-£29,799 pro rata JS14581 20 February 2018
Course Co-ordinator for EPSRC Centre of Doctoral Training for Sensor Technology and PA for the Director of the Cambridge Infinitus Research Centre
Department of Chemical Engineering and Biotechnology
£25,728-£29,799 NQ14416 22 January 2018
Cryo-EM Facility Technician (Fixed Term)
Department of Biochemistry, Central Cambridge
£25,728-£29,799 PH14535 4 February 2018
Development Chef, Wellcome Trust-MRC Institute of Metabolic Science, Translational Research Facility (Part Time, Fixed Term)
Department of Clinical Biochemistry
£22,214-£25,728 pro rata RG14464 22 January 2018
Faculty Board and Examinations Administrator
Department of Engineering
£25,728-£29,799 NM14569 1 February 2018
Finance Administrator [Secondment/Temporary Cover, Internal Applicants Only]
Department of Oncology
£28,098-£33,518 RD14574 31 January 2018
Finance Assistant
Institute of Criminology, Sidgwick Avenue, Central Cambridge
£22,214-£25,728 JL14304 24 January 2018
Front of House Supervisor
Institute of Continuing Education, Madingley Hall
£22,214-£25,728 EA14431 6 February 2018
HR Administrator School of Clinical Medicine, Fixed Term or Secondment Opportunity
Human Resources Division
£22,214-£25,728 AH14443 21 January 2018
HR Coordinator (Fixed Term or Secondment Opportunity - Internal Applicants only)
Sainsbury Laboratory
£25,728-£29,799 PT14480 21 January 2018
Higher Degrees Administrator - Biological Sciences
Office of the School of the Biological Sciences
£25,728-£29,799 PA14497 5 February 2018
Information Assistant
Careers Service
£22,214-£25,728 DD14538 31 January 2018
Junior Animal Technician
£16,983-£19,305 AQ12945 31 January 2018
MBA Admissions & Recruitment Coordinator - Operations (Secondment Cover)
Judge Business School, Central Cambridge
£25,728-£29,799 NS14523 28 January 2018
Microanalysis Research Laboratory Technician (Part Time, up to 30 hours per week)
Department of Chemistry
£19,305-£22,214 pro rata MA14491 25 January 2018
Museum of Zoology Receptionist (part-time)
Department of Zoology
£16,983-£19,305 pro rata PF14459 1 February 2018
Nutritional Biomarker Laboratory Co-ordinator (Fixed Term)
MRC Epidemiology Unit
£28,098-£33,518 SJ14524 28 January 2018
PA/Administrator to Entrepreneurship Centre (Fixed Term)
Judge Business School, Central Cambridge
£25,728-£29,799 NS14131 29 January 2018
Personal Assistant to the Executive MBA Director (Part time)
Judge Business School, Central Cambridge
£25,728-£29,799 pro rata NS14301 21 January 2018
Project Co-ordinator, Graduate Programmes
University of Cambridge Institute for Sustainability Leadership, Cambridge
£22,214-£25,728 EN14344 26 January 2018
Project Co-ordinator/Chem@Cam Editor (Part Time)
Department of Chemistry
£28,098-£33,518 pro rata MA14526 4 February 2018
Radio Telescope Technician (Mechanical)
Department of Physics
£22,214-£25,728 KA12976 21 January 2018
Reader Services Assistant (Fixed Term)
University Library
£16,654 VE14479 24 January 2018
Receptionist (Fixed Term)
Judge Business School, Central Cambridge
£19,305-£22,214 NS14075 4 February 2018
Receptionist (part-time 25 hours per week)
Finance Division
£19,305-£22,214 pro rata AG14475 12 February 2018
Receptionist / Clerical Assistant (Wednesday - Friday)
Department of Biochemistry, Central Cambridge
£19,305-£22,214 pro rata PH14457 26 January 2018
Recruitment Co-ordinator
Human Resources Division
£22,214-£25,728 AH14531 4 February 2018
Research Grants Administrator (Fixed Term) or Secondment Opportunity
Department of Psychology
£28,098-£33,518 PJ14471 31 January 2018
Research Grants Administrator (Part Time, Fixed Term)
Department of Public Health and Primary Care
£25,728-£29,799 pro rata RH14368 21 January 2018
Research Information Administrator (Part Time, Fixed Term)
Department of Public Health and Primary Care
£25,728-£29,799 pro rata RH14370 21 January 2018
Saturday Junior Library Assistant (Part Time, Fixed Term)
University Library
£16,654 pro rata VE14481 24 January 2018
Secretary (Part Time, Fixed Term)
Department of Medicine
£19,305-£22,214 pro rata RC14543 4 February 2018
Senior Animal Technician
Central Cambridge
£22,214-£25,728 AQ12632 31 January 2018
Senior Animal Technician[Temporary Cover] (Secondment)
South Cambridge
£25,728-£29,799 AQ14315 7 February 2018
Senior Custodian
Judge Business School, Central Cambridge
£19,305-£22,214 NS13789 4 February 2018
Senior Histopathology Technician (Part Time)
Department of Veterinary Medicine
£22,214-£25,728 pro rata PP14506 11 February 2018
Senior Laboratory Technician
Department of Physics
£28,098-£33,518 KA13627 18 February 2018
Senior Library & Information Assistant (Part time/ Job share)
Judge Business School, Central Cambridge
£22,214-£25,728 pro rata NS14522 4 February 2018
Senior Library Assistant
Social and Political Sciences Library
£22,214-£25,728 VP14577 8 February 2018
Senior Maintenance Assistant
Department of Zoology
£16,983-£19,305 PF14490 25 January 2018
Senior Research Laboratory Technician (Part Time, Fixed Term)
Department of Plant Sciences
£22,214-£25,728 pro rata PD14307 24 January 2018
Settlement Coordinator
University of Cambridge Development and Alumni Relations
£28,098-£33,518 DH14107 7 February 2018
Student Workshop Supervisor
Department of Physics
£28,098-£33,518 KA14575 2 February 2018
Supervisory Service Technician
South Cambridge
£22,214-£25,728 AQ12377 7 February 2018
Teaching/General Laboratory Technician[Temporary Cover] (Secondment)
Department of Chemistry
£19,305-£22,214 MA14343 25 January 2018
Trainee Horticultural Technician
Botanic Garden
£16,654 PE14292 4 March 2018
Undergraduate Teaching Administrator (Secondment opportunity for internal candidates only)
Department of Plant Sciences
£25,728-£29,799 PD14465 22 January 2018
University of Cambridge Museums Marketing Administrative Assistant (Fixed Term, Part Time)
Fitzwilliam Museum
£22,214-£25,728 DA14502 29 January 2018
Veterinary Nurse - Small Animal Wing/Theatres (Fixed Term)
Department of Veterinary Medicine
£22,214-£25,728 PP12885 21 January 2018
Warehouse Operative (Fixed Term)
University Library
£16,983-£19,305 VE14495 1 February 2018
Warehouse Operative: Van Driver (Fixed Term)
University Library
£16,983-£19,305 VE14250 1 February 2018