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Academic-related jobs

Current Academic-related jobs at the University of Cambridge.

Title Salary Reference Closes
Administrative Officer
Academic Division, Central Cambridge
£36,914-£49,553 AK23212 9 July 2020
Bioinformatics Facility Manager
MRC Toxicology Unit, Cambridge
£41,526-£52,559 PU23217 12 July 2020
CJBS Centre Finance Coordinator (Fixed Term)
Judge Business School
£30,942-£40,322 NS23331 19 July 2020
Computational Biologist (Fixed Term)
Department of Clinical Biochemistry
£30,942-£40,322 RG23347 30 July 2020
Content Strategist (Fixed Term)
University Information Services
£55,751-£59,135 VC23297 8 July 2020
EMBA Admissions and Recruitment Manager [Temporary Cover]
Judge Business School
£30,942-£40,322 NS23265 5 July 2020
Executive Director Centre for Technology and Democracy (Fixed Term)
Centre for Research in Arts, Social Sciences and Humanities
£60,905 VM23239 30 August 2020
Finance Coordinator (Fixed Term/Internal Secondment Opportunity)
Education Services
£29,176-£34,804 AC23259 5 July 2020
Graduate Recruitment Manager (Part Time, Fixed Term)
Academic Division, Central Cambridge
£36,914-£49,553 pro rata AK23280 21 July 2020
IT Specialist
MRC Toxicology Unit, Cambridge
£30,942-£40,322 PU23279 15 July 2020
Institute Administrator
Scott Polar Research Institute
£30,942-£40,322 LD23223 19 July 2020
Laboratory Information Management System (LIMS) Manager (Fixed Term)
Department of Oncology
£30,942-£40,322 RD23385 2 August 2020
NEACO Further Education College Coordinator (Fixed Term)
Cambridge Admissions Office
£29,176-£34,804 AT23227 6 July 2020
Operations Lead - Volunteer Recruitment & Research Studies (Fixed Term)
Department of Public Health and Primary Care, NIHR BioResource Research Group
£41,526-£52,559 RW23264 15 July 2020
Programme Manager, ELearning (1x Permanent and 1x Fixed Term)
University of Cambridge Institute for Sustainability Leadership, Cambridge
£36,914-£49,553 EN23342 28 July 2020
Project Manager, PID National Cohort Study (Fixed Term)
Department of Medicine
£41,526-£52,559 RC22413 21 July 2020
Public Engagement Manager [Temporary Cover]
Wellcome Trust - Medical Research Council Cambridge Stem Cell Institute, Cambridge
£36,914-£49,553 PS23392 26 July 2020
RadNet Senior Research Practitioner (Fixed Term)
Department of Oncology
£36,914-£49,553 RD23284 12 July 2020
Research Development and Innovation Manager (Fixed Term) - INTERNAL APPLICANTS ONLY
Department of Psychiatry
£30,942-£40,322 RN23391 12 July 2020
Scientific Associate [Temporary Cover - Maternity]
Cancer Research UK Cambridge Institute
£29,176-£34,804 SW23317 15 July 2020
Scientific Research Project Manager (Fixed Term)
Department of Medicine
£36,914-£49,553 RC23249 12 July 2020
Senior Software Developer
University Information Services
£55,751-£59,135 VC20308 30 October 2020
Teaching Associate (Fixed Term)
Judge Business School
£30,942-£40,322 NS23176 15 July 2020
Teaching Associate (Part Time, Fixed Term)
Faculty of Modern and Medieval Languages and Linguistics, CAMBRIDGE
£30,942 - £36,914 pro rata GP23277 19 July 2020
Teaching Associate in Colonial Latin American Literary and Cultural Studies (Fixed Term)
Faculty of Modern and Medieval Languages and Linguistics, Cambridge
£30,942 - £32,816 GP23266 26 July 2020
Teaching Associate in Language Typology (Fixed Term)
Faculty of Modern and Medieval Languages and Linguistics, CAMBRIDGE
£30,942-£40,322 GP23252 21 July 2020
Teaching Associate in Modern Iberian Literary and Cultural studies (Fixed Term)
Faculty of Modern and Medieval Languages and Linguistics, Cambridge
£30,942 - £32,816 GP23268 26 July 2020
Teaching Associate in the History of England Before the Norman Conquest (Fixed Term)
Faculty of English, CAMBRIDGE
£30,942-£40,322 GG23238 21 July 2020
Unestablished Language Teacher (Fixed Term)
Faculty of Classics, CAMBRIDGE
£29,176-£34,804 GE23210 6 July 2020