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Academic-related jobs

Current Academic-related jobs at the University of Cambridge.

Title Salary Reference Closes
Administrator (Exams and Mitigating Circumstances) (Fixed Term)
Academic Division, Cambridge
£29,799-£38,833 AK15306 2 May 2018
Assistant Director Biological Sciences School Team
Research Operations
£53,691-£56,950 EW14411 27 April 2018
Clinical Veterinarian in Small Animal Medicine x 2 (Fixed Term)
Department of Veterinary Medicine, West Site
£39,992-£50,618 PP15326 29 April 2018
Due Diligence Manager (Fixed Term)
Research Operations, Greenwich House
£39,992-£50,618 EW15225 18 May 2018
Educational Technologist
Office of the School of Clinical Medicine
£29,799-£38,833 RA15298 13 May 2018
Global Mobility Co-ordinator (Part Time, Fixed Term)
Human Resources Division
£35,550-£47,722 pro rata AH15297 11 May 2018
Head of Information and Reporting
Finance Division
£53,691-£56,950 AG15321 4 May 2018
Head of Undergraduate and PGCE Office [Temporary Cover]
Faculty of Education
£29,799-£38,833 JR15278 1 May 2018
Head of University of Cambridge Museums Programmes (Fixed Term)
Fitzwilliam Museum, Central Cambridge
£39,992-£50,618 DA15262 30 April 2018
IMAXT Project Manager (Fixed Term)
Cancer Research UK Cambridge Institute
£35,550-£47,722 SW15166 25 April 2018
IT Support Team Leader
Department of Engineering
£35,550-£47,722 NM15275 7 May 2018
Internal Communications Coordinator
Office of External Affairs and Communications, Cambridge
£28,098-£33,518 AR14103 27 April 2018
Language Teaching Officer in Persian
Faculty of Asian and Middle Eastern Studies
£35,550-£47,722 GU15065 29 April 2018
Lead Software Developer (Fixed Term)
Department of Sociology
£29,799-£38,833 JM15365 6 May 2018
Management Accountant
University Information Services
£35,550-£47,722 VC14592 14 May 2018
NEACO Data & Evaluation Analyst (Fixed Term)
Cambridge Admissions Office
£28,098-£33,518 AT15337 14 May 2018
PGCE Secondary Senior Teaching Associate (Subject Leader in History) (Part Time)
Faculty of Education
£35,550-£47,722 pro rata JR15162 30 April 2018
Principal Clinical Cardiologist
Department of Veterinary Medicine, West Site
£58,655 - £67,971 PP15237 3 June 2018
Principal Clinical Oncologist (Fixed Term)
Department of Veterinary Medicine, West Site
£58,655-£67,971 or
PP15063 30 April 2018
Programme Manager Executive Education (Temporary cover)
University of Cambridge Institute for Sustainability Leadership, CAMBRIDGE
£35,550-£47,722 EN15180 7 May 2018
Project Co-ordinator, Wellcome Trust-MRC Institute of Metabolic Science
Department of Clinical Biochemistry
£29,799-£38,833 RG14605 1 May 2018
Radiopharmaceutical Unit Production Manager
Wolfson Brain Imaging Centre
£35,550-£47,722 SR15165 29 April 2018
Reporting Accountant
Finance Division
£39,992-£50,618 AG15310 30 April 2018
Research Computing Linux Systems Administrator (Fixed Term)
University Information Services
£35,550-£47,722 VC15271 11 May 2018
Resourcing Adviser (Fixed Term)
Human Resources Division
£35,550-£47,722 AH15267 9 May 2018
Senior Business Analyst (Maternity Cover/Secondment Opportunity)
Finance Division
£39,992-£50,618 AG15334 7 May 2018
Senior Language Teaching Officer in Russian
Faculty of Modern and Medieval Languages, Central Cambridge
£39,992-£50,618 GP15016 26 April 2018
Senior Network Engineer
Clinical School Computing Service
£29,799-£38,833 RY15362 21 May 2018
Senior Programme Manager ClimateWise
University of Cambridge Institute for Sustainability Leadership, CAMBRIDGE
£39,992-£50,618 EN15043 8 May 2018
Senior Teaching Associate (Fixed Term)
Human Resources Division
£35,550-£47,722 AH14927 24 April 2018
Senior Technologist (Fixed Term)
Department of Medicine
£29,799-£38,833 RC15313 13 May 2018
Social Sciences Impact Facilitator (Fixed Term)
Research Operations
£29,799-£38,833 EW15248 4 May 2018
Teaching Associate (Part Time, Fixed Term)
Department of Medical Genetics
£29,799-£38,833 pro rata SS15289 6 May 2018
Teaching Associate (Primary PGCE - Early Years Specialist) (Part Time, Fixed Term)
Faculty of Education
£29,799-£38,833 pro rata JR15157 30 April 2018
Teaching Associate in Architecture (Fixed Term)
Department of Architecture
£29,799-£38,833 GC15129 22 May 2018
Teaching Associate in Business and Management (Part Time, Fixed Term)
Institute of Continuing Education, Madingley Hall
£29,799-£38,833 pro rata EA15196 3 May 2018
Teaching Associate in Philosophy of Religion (Fixed Term)
Faculty of Divinity
£29,799-£38,833 GF15030 11 May 2018
Teaching Associate in World/Global History (Fixed Term)
Faculty of History
£29,799-£38,833 JJ14210 24 April 2018
Translational Research Programme Manager (Fixed Term)
Office of Translational Research
£35,550-£47,722 ST15308 27 April 2018