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Jobs in the Human Resources Division.
Jobs in the Department of German and Dutch and Department of Slavonic Studies.


ID Name
u00145 Disability Resource Centre
u00146 Marshal's Office
u00147 Office of External Affairs and Communications
u00150 Department of Architecture
u00151 Department of History of Art
u00152 Faculty of Classics Library
u00153 Faculty of Classics Museum of Classical Archaeology
u00155 Department of Anglo-Saxon, Norse and Celtic
u00156 Faculty of English Library
u00157 Department of French
u00158 Department of German and Dutch
u00159 Department of Italian
u00162 Department of Slavonic Studies
u00163 Department of Spanish and Portuguese
u00164 Faculty of Modern and Medieval Languages and Linguistics Library
u00165 Department of History and Philosophy of Science
u00166 Department of Land Economy
u00176 Seeley Historical Library
u00177 Institute of Criminology
u00178 Lauterpacht Research Centre for International Law
u00179 Department of Politics and International Studies
u00183 Department of Earth Sciences
u00184 Department of Geography
u00186 Centre for Mathematical Sciences
u00187 Department of Applied Mathematics and Theoretical Physics
u00188 Department of Pure Mathematics and Mathematical Statistics
u00189 Department of Chemistry
u00190 Department of Materials Science and Metallurgy
u00191 Department of Physics
u00192 Institute of Astronomy
u00244 Betty and Gordon Moore Library
u00245 Medical Library
u00193 Department of Chemical Engineering and Biotechnology
u00194 Department of Computer Science and Technology
u00195 Department of Engineering
u00196 Judge Business School
u00199 Department of Biochemistry
u00201 Department of Genetics
u00202 Department of Pathology
u00203 Department of Pharmacology
u00205 Department of Plant Sciences
u00206 Department of Zoology
u00207 Department of Veterinary Medicine
u00208 C.I.M.R. Administration
u00219 Clinical School Computing Service
u00220 Department of Clinical Biochemistry
u00221 Department of Clinical Neurosciences
u00222 Department of Oncology
u00223 Department of Haematology
u00224 Department of Medical Genetics
u00225 Department of Medicine
u00226 Department of Obstetrics and Gynaecology
u00228 Department of Paediatrics
u00229 Department of Psychiatry
u00042 Cambridge Trusts
u00045 Cambridge University Press
u00052 Local Examinations Syndicate
u00075 University Sports and Social Club
u00283 Cambridge Enterprise
u10001 JBS Executive Education Ltd
u10042 Great St Mary's Church
u10062 The Cambridge Commonwealth, European and International Trust
u00041 ADC Theatre
u00044 Cambridge University Graduate Union
u00046 Cambridge University Students Union
u00047 Careers Service
u00054 University Sports Service
u00061 University of Cambridge Development and Alumni Relations
u00070 Other Departments Supervised by the General Board
u00076 Gates Cambridge Trust
u00149 Vice-Chancellor's Office
u10041 Malaysian Commonwealth Studies Centre
u10068 University Information Services
u00050 Fitzwilliam Museum
u00051 Kettle's Yard
u00081 Academic Division
u00082 Estates Division
u00083 Finance Division
u00086 Human Resources Division
u00090 Governance and Compliance Division
u00092 Faculty of Architecture and History of Art
u00093 Faculty of Classics
u00094 Faculty of Divinity
u00095 Faculty of English
u00096 Faculty of Modern and Medieval Languages and Linguistics
u00097 Faculty of Music
u00098 Faculty of Asian and Middle Eastern Studies
u00099 Faculty of Philosophy
u00103 Faculty of Economics
u00104 Faculty of Education
u00105 Faculty of History
u00106 Faculty of Law
u00111 Isaac Newton Institute for Mathematical Sciences
u00122 Wellcome Trust/Cancer Research UK Gurdon Institute
u00124 University of Cambridge Institute for Sustainability Leadership
u00126 HRH Prince Alwaleed Bin Talal Centre of Islamic Studies
u00127 Centre for Research in Arts, Social Sciences and Humanities
u00135 Institute of Continuing Education
u00136 Language Centre
u00268 Investment Office
u00273 Office of the School of Arts and Humanities
u00274 Office of the School of Clinical Medicine
u00275 Office of the School of Technology
u00276 Office of the School of the Biological Sciences
u00277 Office of the School of the Humanities and Social Sciences
u00278 Office of the School of the Physical Sciences
u10043 Sainsbury Laboratory
u10044 Wellcome Trust - Medical Research Council Cambridge Stem Cell Institute
u10048 Faculty of Human, Social, and Political Science
u00040 Accommodation Service
u00059 University Counselling Service
u00077 Hamilton Kerr Institute
u00089 Cambridge Research Office
u00141 Cambridge Admissions Office
u00144 Childcare Office
u00230 Department of Radiology
u00231 Department of Surgery
u00234 Institute of Public Health
u00247 Squire Law Library
u00248 University Library
u00264 Department of Public Health and Primary Care
u00269 Department of Physiology, Development and Neuroscience
u00284 Shared Services Unit
u10002 Department of Middle Eastern Studies
u10003 Department of East Asian Studies
u10039 Legal Services Division
u10040 Pensions Section
u10047 Department of Theoretical and Applied Linguistics
u10050 Department of Sociology
u10053 Radzinowicz Library
u10054 Marshall Library of Economics
u10055 Department of Psychology
u10056 Social and Political Sciences Library
u10057 North West Cambridge Development
u10058 Cancer Research UK Cambridge Institute
u10060 MRC Epidemiology Unit
u10063 MRC Cancer Unit
u10064 Occupational Health and Safety Service
u10065 Haddon Library
u10066 Whipple Library
u10067 Faculty of Education Library
u10073 Casimir Lewy Library
u10074 Pendlebury Library of Music
u10075 Faculty of Asian and Middle Eastern Studies Library
u10078 Centre of African Studies Library
u00128 Centre of African Studies
u00130 Centre of Latin-American Studies
u00131 Centre of South Asian Studies
u00132 Development Studies
u10020 C.I.M.R. Clinical Neurosciences
u00133 Centre for Business Research
u00170 McDonald Institute for Archaeological Research
u00182 Centre for Family Research
u00185 Scott Polar Research Institute
u00209 C.I.M.R. Clinical Biochemistry
u00210 C.I.M.R. Haematology
u00211 C.I.M.R. Medical Genetics
u00212 C.I.M.R. Medicine
u00214 C.I.M.R. Pathology
u00232 Department of Haematology, Haematology Diagnostics Development Unit
u00253 Melville Laboratory for Polymer Synthesis
u00256 Botanic Garden
u00257 Division of Neurology
u00258 Division of Neurosurgery
u00259 Wolfson Brain Imaging Centre
u00260 John van Geest Centre for Brain Repair
u10114 ourcambridge
u10119 Department of Physics - SCI
u00265 Department of Public Health and Primary Care, Cancer Genetic Epidemiology
u00266 Department of Public Health and Primary Care, The Primary Care Unit
u10021 Museum of Archaeology and Anthropology
u10076 Division of Stem Cell Neurobiology
u10084 Health, Safety, and Regulated Facilities Division
u10085 University Biomedical Services
u10088 MRC Biostatistics Unit
u10089 MRC Mitochondrial Biology Unit
u10098 Estates Division - Business Services
u10099 Estates Division - Development Managers
u10100 Estates Division - Environment & Energy
u10101 Estates Division - Facilities
u10102 Estates Division - Planning
u10103 Estates Division - Projects
u10104 Estates Division - Property
u10107 Department of Engineering Library
u10082 Faculty of Architecture and History of Art Library
u10083 Faculty of Divinity Library
u10095 Department of Public Health and Primary Care, NIHR BioResource Research Group
u10096 Department of Archaeology
u10097 Department of Social Anthropology
u10105 MRC Toxicology Unit
u10109 Department of Medicine - SCI
u10110 Department of Oncology - SCI
u10111 Department of Paediatrics - SCI
u10112 Department of Surgery - SCI
u10113 Department of Clinical Neurosciences - SCI
u10115 Cambridge Centre for Teaching and Learning
u10116 Education Services
u10117 Education Quality and Policy Office
u10118 Student Operations
u10086 C.I.M.R. Division of Translational Medicine
u10090 Office for Translational Research
u10093 MRC Cognition and Brain Sciences Unit
u10080 Needham Research Institute
u10081 Cambridge University Real Tennis Club
u10094 Office of Postdoctoral Affairs
u10108 Department of Physics Library
u10091 Leverhulme Centre for the Future of Intelligence
u10092 Cambridge Sustainability Ltd
u10106 Vicar of Burwell
u10121 Department of Geography Library
u10122 Department of Zoology Library
u10123 Department of Veterinary Medicine Library
u10124 Department of Psychology Library
u10128 Department of Veterinary Medicine - SCI
u10129 Department of Physiology, Development and Neuroscience - SCI
u10120 Department of Genetics and Plant Sciences Library
u10126 Milner Therapeutics Institute
u10127 Security Office
u10125 Cambridge Investment Management Ltd
u10131 Strategic Partnerships Office
u10132 Centre for Digital Built Britain
u10135 Department of Public Health and Primary Care, Cardiovascular Epidemiology Unit
u10136 Department of Public Health and Primary Care, THIS Institute
u10130 Cambridge Zero